Odds are you or someone you know has experienced the horror of walking into a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room only to see murky, dirty water rising. This situation can bring on panic, especially if the rising water shows no signs of stopping.

So many situations can cause a drain to become clogged. Whether it’s an object lodged directly inside the drain or somewhere farther down the line, you could be dealing with a time bomb. It all depends on how fast the water is rising. The slower the speed of the water, the smaller the size of the clog.

Homes have varying numbers of drains and unclogging them requires a set of steps unique to each drain. The key to rectifying this situation is depending on professionals who have seen and done it all. They will be able to look at your drain and know what tools they will need to fix the problem.

Clogs from Tree Roots

Trees and old pipes are strange bedfellows. As trees continue to grow and pipes continue to age, tree roots can break through the pipes, clogging them with their woody protrusions. Homeowners can pour a chemical down the drain that kills the roots, but the damage to the pipes has already been done.

Eventually, these compromised pipes need to be replaced, even if the roots are cleared out. Damaged pipes, whether they carry incoming water or outgoing sewage, will allow seepage into surrounding soil. Replacing them is necessary, and will take care of a multitude of other plumbing issues as well.

Act Fast

Avoiding complete pipe replacement is all a matter of staying on top of plumbing issues. No potential plumbing repair can go by the wayside. Since one plumbing problem leads to others, all issues should be resolved the moment they arise. As the severity of the problem increases, the cost will go up as well, so that’s another reason not to put off repairs.

A simple clogged drain has a tendency to mushroom out of control quickly and could be a sign of a much more serious problem. As soon as one of your drains becomes clogged, it has the potential to affect every other part of your home’s plumbing.

Don’t wait or try to fix a clogged drain on your own. Give us a call at Basin Drain and Sewer. We will send someone out to your house right away to fix your problem in a hurry.