Sewer lines are the ideal alternative to septic tanks. They take the waste from houses and send it as far away as possible. In the event that a sewer line becomes clogged, however, the entire system is thrown out of whack. The sooner you have your clogged sewer line addressed, the more likely you are to recover from this situation unscathed.

Repairing a sewer line requires a significant level of expertise. At Basin Drain and Sewer, there’s no plumbing-related job we can’t handle. We come running when other plumbing companies are headed in the other direction.

Not Always Bad News

After a sewer line issue has been discovered, the next step involves determining the extent of the damage. Not all problems are indications of more serious issues ― some require nothing more than fixing a few sections and moving on. It’s better to figure out that a minor repair is needed than to put off the job entirely. Nothing is going to get fixed until skilled hands get dirty.

Forget everything you have heard about plumbing services in the past. We want you to stop worrying about your plumbing and sit back and admire the job we have just completed.

Leave it to the Pros

The worst possible thing you can do when faced with sewer line problems is try to fix them on your own. One sewer line is part of a much larger sewer system. A poorly executed repair performed in one segment of the system can result in a ripple effect which could cause you to incur serious financial penalties. Plus, other homes connected to the same sewer system could have their sewers disrupted as well.

No homeowner wants to have to deal with having the contents of a sewer line come into their home or onto their property. A busted sewer line and broken septic tank produce similar levels of unpleasantness, but a lot of these problems can be avoided if you pay attention to what’s going on in your home. Any plumbing irregularities should be investigated and addressed right away.

It doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing problem you’re dealing with ― we have people on our team who know how to handle it. Pick up the phone ad schedule and appointment for us to come out and see you today.