Frozen Water Pipes

From Roosevelt to Bluebell, every homeowner has heard about the dreaded scourge of frozen ipes. In colder climates, pipes tend to freeze faster when they’re in an uninsulated environment. Insulation keeps pipes warm, allowing them to survive the winter season without freezing.

A home that’s in a colder climate has to be built with certain precautions in mind, including weather conditions in the area. Experienced builders will construct homes with the right materials. Older homes are more prone to having pipes freeze because they’re built with material that isn’t able to withstand the elements.

Pipe Location

The method of thawing frozen pipes is determined by where they are in your house. If a pipe is frozen in a spot that’s behind drywall or in another difficult-to-access location, getting to it might not be as easy as you think. Sometimes a section of a wall needs to be cut out to access the pipe.

You should depend on a plumber who has handled frozen pipes in the past and has the tools needed to cut into a wall and fix it afterward. Ideally, a plumber will have the opportunity to apply heat to one part of the plumbing and then knock the frozen section loose.

Every year thousands of pipes break during winter. The severity and location of these breaks determines whether city utility workers need to be involved or residential plumbers have to come to the rescue. A frozen pipe has to be addressed, regardless of who’s equipped to address it.

Right Tools for the Job

Don’t waste any time in calling someone to help you if you have a frozen pipe. Avoid trying to take matters into your own hands and fix it yourself. It’s difficult to determine the extent of a frozen pipe unless you know where it’s located, and even then you might not have the tools or expertise necessary to fix the problem.

Contact us at Basin Drain and Sewer if you have frozen pipes or any other plumbing problem. We will send someone to your house or place of business in a hurry. We know that you are under a great deal of pressure to get your home back in order. We won’t leave you hanging ― we will take of your problem and you can get on with the rest of your day.